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Incredibly useful, beautifully designed, user friendlyThese are some words to describe our web design and development services for activeCollab, WordPress and CodeIgniter


We provide custom web development services, activeCollab customization and extension development, and constantly work on identifying your business needs and developing innovative solutions that address them completely. Services Custom modules development Localization Maintenance Consulting Adjustment of the theme and color scheme  

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Social Media Solutions

Business organizations, today, agree that social media is an important mechanism for interactions with existing customers, new customers and new local/global markets. So, building social media applications with interactive and user-friendly interface can bring various new opportunities for your business to win prospects in social media landscape.

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Web Application

Our web developers are equipped with years of expertise and keep themselves updated to meet the new challenges of upcoming technologies. This enables us to provide our customers with quality web design and application development support. We expertise in application development and that’s what we do. Zend Framework Based Application…

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We at D23 Labs provides fully professional & affordable WordPress Development integration along with other open-source customization services. Our WordPress development team provides WordPress integration as well as customization service according to your needs and requirements. The development and the maintenance of the website on a large scale.   Why…

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Check out our products We develop useful solutions using activeCollab Customization, Wordpress Plugins, Social Media and Custom Web Applications.
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